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Kānaka Anti-Displacement Fund

The Kānaka Anti-Displacement Fund is dedicated to safeguarding the indigenous kānaka maoli of Maui from displacement due to the tragic wildfire.

The fund rallies to provide the necessary financial aid and expertise required to secure insurance claims and disaster assistance.

The fund ensures our kānaka community remains rooted in their homeland, protecting our people’s place within the rich tapestry of Hawaiʻi’s cultural heritage, while providing access to housing recovery services to Maui residents.

HCL launched the fund September 1, 2023 with $150,000 of its own monies for this fund to be used for deferred payment loans to impacted homeowners.

Building on the Kānaka Anti-Displacement Fund, the new Lahaina Homeowner Recovery Program was announced on May 1, 2024, extending services to all Lahaina owner-occupant homeowners and supporting community resilience.

Donate or invest today to make a difference.

Leali‘i Recovery Center Maui Lahaina


• Prevent displacement of indigenous kānaka maoli from the Maui wildfire.
• Provide financial aid and expertise for insurance claims and disaster assistance.
• Address financial barriers preventing kānaka from claiming insurance or appealing denials.

The fund emerges as a response to the urgent need to support the Native Hawaiian population facing challenges such as the Maui wildfire disaster that uprooted 273 kānaka homeowners from their ancestral lands in Lāhainā.


SBP – $360,000
Oweesta – $250,000
Hawai‘i Community Foundation – $250,000
Kosasa Foundation – $250,000
Omidyar Foundation – $250,000
Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement – $100,000
Makahakama Foundation – $100,000
Anonymous Donors – $100,000 ($75k +$25k)
Kataly Foundation – $30,000
Vatheuer Family Foundation – $25,000
Royal Business Bank – $5,000

Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

Makahakama Foundation

Hawaii Community Foundation
Kataly Foundation
Kosasa Foundation

Omidyar ‘Ohana Fund at the Hawai‘i Community Foundation

VATHEUER Family Foundation
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