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Please Support HCL in 2024!

We humbly ask for your kōkua as we continue our mission of helping to solve Hawai‘i’s housing crisis. For 2023, we are happy to report our latest impact numbers:

Grants & Loans Originated
Grants & Loans Disbursed
‘Ohana in Homes

Now more than ever, Hawai‘i Community Lending seeks your donations and investments in many areas from our Kānaka Anti-Displacement Fund to helping place Hawaiians into homes.

Donate or invest today to make a difference.

Success stories

Dear Hawaii Community Lending,

I express deep gratitude for the crucial support provided to rescue my mother from imminent foreclosure on her Select Portfolio Services mortgage. Facing a $45,000 debt due to disrupted automatic payments, her financial distress began in June 2020, exacerbated by a bout of COVID-19 in 2020 and subsequent recovery. Unbeknownst to her, foreclosure proceedings unfolded in 2021 and 2022.

Upon discovering her imminent loss of home, I sought assistance from Hawaii Community Lending, initiating a modification trial option. Despite challenges and paperwork, the team secured a $59,101.62 grant, covering overdue payments and future expenses. This vital intervention ensures my mother’s continued residence, preserving over 25 years of cherished memories.

Thank you for your exceptional dedication.

Dear Family,

God is good! Over the past 4 challenging years, we faced the threat of losing our home. Despite setbacks and discouragement, a miraculous turn of events, including a timely call from Chanel Josiah, saved us. Our loan was reinstated on November 9th, coinciding with our 32nd anniversary.

Today, I made our first mortgage payment, and I feel a sense of wholeness and peace. This journey taught us not to give up hope, and I’m grateful to the HCL family for turning this ordeal into a blessing. Thank you, and may God continue to bless this company and its employees.


Hawai‘i Community Lending
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