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Jeff Gilbreath Named 2024 Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year by HVCA

Jeff Gilbreath Named 2024 Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year by HVCA

Hawai‘i Community Lending’s own Jeff Gilbreath has won the Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Hawai‘i Venture Capital Association (HVCA). Gilbreath joins a well-respected list of winners and finalists in the annual Hawai‘i Entrepreneur Awards given to entrepreneurs, investors, individuals and organizations who support innovation and economic development in Hawaiʻi.

Since 2014, HCL has issued more than $42 million in grants and loans to support affordable housing for more than 4,300 Native Hawaiian and other local families. As executive director of HCL during the coronavirus disease 2019 and the August 2023 tragic Lahaina fires, Gilbreath has faced incredible challenges, but he continues to be inspired by the strength of Hawai‘i’s people and to find new ways to advocate on their behalf.

The list of 2024 Hawai‘i Entrepreneur Award winners includes:
Deal of the Year: Brenton Grimes & Corey Goff,, Inc
Entrepreneur of the Year: Alexis Akiona, Lexbreezy Hawai‘i
Lifetime Achievement Award: Nakeʻu Awai, Nakeʻu Awai Designs
Investor of the Year: Donavan Kealoha, Startup Capital Ventures x SBI Fund
Island Innovator of the Year: Claire Sullivan & Rob Barreca, Farm Link Hawaiʻi
Corporate Intrapreneur of the Year: Micah Kāne, Hawaiʻi Community Foundation
Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year: Jeff Gilbreath, Hawai‘i Community Lending
Startup Paradise Champion of the Year: Susan Yamada, The Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship
Agriculture / Clean Tech Entrepreneur of the Year: Gunars Valkirs, Maui Kuʻia Estate Chocolate
Tech Entrepreneur of the Year: Ricky Uy, KOMODO HAWAI‘I
Student Entrepreneur of the Year: Amelia Stucker & Adam Sullivan, Zingipop Sodaworks
Consumer Packaged Goods Entrepreneur of the Year: Sandra Gibson & Mel Kelekolio, Kona Salt Farm Sea Salts of Hawaiʻi
People’s Choice of Startup Paradise: Tiara Delgado, Kahiau Poke & Provisions

The winners and finalists represent a broad range of products and services, from tech to ag, but all are rooted in Hawai‘i and committed to supporting the local ecosystem.

In particular, the Social Impact Entrepreneur Award celebrates those entrepreneurs and companies that have shown leadership, innovation and commitment to being part of efforts to solve our state’s toughest problems.

As a nonprofit community development financial institution, HCL is committed to helping families overcome financial barriers to home ownership in the islands.

The 2024 honorees were recognized and celebrated at HVCA’s 24th Annual Hawai‘i Entrepreneur Awards Gala on Feb. 29 at Waialae Country Club in Honolulu. Since its founding in 1988, HVCA strives to serve as a catalyst in Hawai‘i for entrepreneurship, venture capital activity, and growth as a successful venture community. For more information, visit

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