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Nā‘iwa Homesteaders virtual workshop scheduled for DHHL agricultural lessees [Maui Now]

The Nā‘iwa Homesteaders Program

The Nā‘iwa Homesteaders Program announced its upcoming virtual workshop on the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Farm Plan for agricultural lessees. This workshop, presented by Nā’iwa Agricultural Subdivision Alliance and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, will provide valuable insights and guidance for 58 individuals and their families interested in agricultural pursuits on their Hawaiian home lands.

The workshop will take place on Monday, July 17, 2023, at 5 p.m. HST. Attendees can join the workshop via Zoom using this link. The session will feature a presentation followed by a dedicated Q&A session, allowing participants to interact with the presenters and gain a deeper understanding of the DHHL Farm Plan.

The Nā‘iwa Homesteaders Program hopes to empower individuals and families with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the DHHL process effectively. Over the past few months, the program has successfully organized three workshops, covering topics such as gaining a better understanding of the DHHL Nā‘iwa Agricultural Lease Agreement and preparing for homeownership through comprehensive Financial Counseling Services provided by Hawaiian Community Assets.

The project will train native Hawaiians as owner-builders, assisting them in navigating the permitting, approval and construction process unique to Hawaiian Home Lands as well as build their capacity to move their agricultural land leases into production. HCL will provide consumer and affordable housing loans for credit building, debt consolidation, and interim construction financing so families can obtain mortgage financing. Native Hawaiian homebuilders will also receive technical assistance and lines of credit to increase their capacity to build package homes on Hawaiian Home Lands using federal financing.

Nā’iwa Agricultural Subdivision Alliance is native Hawaiian beneficiary-led will form a community advisory committee, recruit community members, host workshops including agricultural trainings for the lessees and coordinate with HCL for quarterly meetings. 

Hawai‘i Community Lending is Native Hawaiian-controlled and provides grants and loans to help families qualify for construction and mortgage financing. HCL will also create an owner-builder handbook focused on the needs of native Hawaiian beneficiaries. 

HCA is Native Hawaiian-controlled and provides HUD housing counseling to assist families with budgeting, saving and reducing debt. 

1stTribal Lending will offer affordable mortgage options to native families nationwide. 

Hawai‘i Community Lending is a nonprofit native community development financial institution serving Native Hawaiians residing in Hawaiʻi. Started in 2002 as a mortgage broker under Hawaiian Community Assets and founded as a subsidiary nonprofit in 2014, HCL provides financial education and affordable loans to help Native Hawaiian families get back to the land through homeownership. For more information, visit

Nā’iwa Agricultural Subdivision Alliance is an organization made of up volunteer lessees and successors of Nā’iwa and committed to helping the Nā‘iwa Agricultural Subdivision (58 lots) lessees and their beneficiaries toward homeownership and active subsistence farming through home-owner builder programs and farm development programs for improved quality of life and generational sustainability.

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Hawai‘i Community Lending
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